Candidate criteria

Universities, EPSRC Strategic Partners, and Learned Societies may identify nominees who best match the qualities and criteria as set out in the nomination form. Nominations will be submitted via a central point within organisations (for example, The Research Office, VCs Office, CEOs Office) and provide examples of the research undertaken by the nominee and the economic and societal impact this has had, detail innovations, and highlight key aspects of their research career.

The nominees will either be in receipt of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council sponsorship (or have previously been supported by EPSRC), who are currently working, or who have worked closely with EPSRC (for example, as a peer reviewer or as a member of any of its advisory bodies), and has acted as an advocate for EPSRC or for engineering and physical sciences (EPS) more broadly. They will be renowned in their research area (and broader) will have delivered high quality research, and have made significant breakthroughs.

The nomination form sets out the areas in which the nominee is expected to excel.

The shortlisted nominees will in turn nominate and promote an individual who has the potential to become an inspirational scientist or engineer and who has the potential to lead/excel in their field and beyond.

Complete the Candidate nomination form.