Global uncertainties: Cybersecurity (Early Career and Established Career fellowships only)

Applicants must demonstrate close alignment to the Working Together priority.

Fellowships in areas related to cybersecurity will be accepted by the ICT Theme.

Cybersecurity is a key part of the Research Councils UK Global Uncertainties Programme to which EPSRC contributes. EPSRC’s ICT Theme will accept proposals for Early- and Established-Career Fellowships in support of the Global Uncertainties Programme’s aims as much of the research which might contribute to improving cybersecurity is included in the Theme’s remit. In line with the Working Together priority this includes fellowships which specifically seek to bridge discipline boundaries.

In addition to the core fellowship person specification for established career applicants, ICT specifically identify and comment:

In addition to the core fellowship person specification, in particular ICT is looking for applicants who can set the research agenda by demonstrating leadership within the research community and evidence of pushing the boundaries of the research area or cross-ICT priority themes.

Consistent with the requirement to align to ICT’s Working Together priority, candidates will be expected to demonstrate how they will influence ICT communities, instigating cultural shifts or new research directions (maps on to the Profile and Influence and Influential Team Leader attributes).

We expect applications from researchers who have the potential to profoundly impact and/or transform the ICT landscape. A high degree of risk in their approach is expected and welcomed. We will particularly encourage applications where the focus is on an individual with a creative approach wishing to develop pioneering ideas. These awards should allow fellows to pursue new research directions that have the potential to lead to high impact and / or disruptive outcomes. Research activity should not be the sole focus of applications. We will particularly encourage applications that allow a high intensity of focussed effort, within a relatively short timeframe (12 to 24 month effort).