Healthcare Technologies (HT) Established Career fellowships

EPSRC is now inviting established career fellowships in the following 4 HT priority areas:

  • Developing Future Therapies: Supporting the development of novel therapies with technologies to enhance efficacy, minimise costs and reduce risk to patients.
  • Frontiers of Physical Intervention: Restoring function, and optimising surgery and other physical interventions to achieve high precision with minimal invasiveness.
  • Optimising Treatment: Optimising care through effective diagnosis, patient-specific prediction and evidence-based intervention.
  • Transforming Community Health and Care: Using real-time information to support self-management of health and wellbeing, and to facilitate timely interventions.

The assessment process for these fellowships involves a pre-application stage as described in the peer review process below.  Fellowship applications will not be accepted unless this pre-application stage is successful.

For more information on the rationale for deciding these priority areas and for opportunities for early career researchers, please see the Healthcare Technologies Developing Leaders Strategy.

Peer review Process

The HT theme is piloting a triage process involving a pre-application stage. This will allow EPSRC to actively manage demand and ensure that applications align to both the fellowship scheme and HT theme fellowship priorities, as articulated in the Grand Challenges  (also including the relevant Research Area strategies).  It also provides an opportunity to direct proposals that are not a good fit to the priorities and/or scheme towards other routes for funding. 

Pre-application stage

Potential fellowship applicants to the HT theme must contact the HT Fellowship Contact (see fellowship contacts page) to discuss their interest and suitability in applying for a HT Established career fellowship. At the pre-outline stage EPSRC will discuss with applicants how they meet the established career attributes as described in the fellowship person specification and how the proposed research relates to the HT portfolio and Grand Challenge strategy and related Research Area strategies. Some applicants will not be invited to progress to the next stage.

As part of this pre-application stage applicants will need to provide evidence that they meet the attributes by completing a word document of maximum of 2-pages under the following headings:

  • Research excellence :
    • Their international esteem factors and funding track record. (This benchmarking needs to be illustrative in context. Just listing the number of publications or esteem factors is not sufficient; their significance needs to be judged in an international context and examples should not be more than three years old. Established Career Fellowships are designed to support world-leading researchers with a proven recent track record of attracting significant funding from EPSRC and other sources.)
  • Setting the research agenda:
    • Evidence of leadership within the research community and pushing the boundaries of the research area
  • Strategic Vision:
    • A brief description of their research vision and how it will address the HT theme fellowship priority area (it may cross more than 1 but should primarily be focussed on one)
    • Evidence of developing research opportunities across different interfaces (not just academic)
  • Profile and Influence
    • Evidence of acting as an ambassador and advocate not only within their research area but also into broader policy making
  • Leading to get the best from your team
    • Describe how you have previously led a team to achieve their best potential
  • A brief explanation for why an Established Career Fellowship is the most appropriate route.

Any applicant considering applying for equipment should refer to the equipment webpages. Where a single capital item costs more than the OJEU limit this must be discussed with EPSRC at this stage.

Full Proposal stage

All HT established career fellowship applications must go through a pre-application stage. EPSRC will office reject any applications that have not been through this stage or were rejected at this stage. Applications for full proposals for HT established career fellowships will be by written (email) invitation only after completion of the pre-application stage described above.

Full proposals will be assessed according to the standard fellowship assessment process and against the standard assessment criteria.