Assistive technology, rehabilitation and musculoskeletal biomechanics (Early Career and Established Career fellowships only) - to be closed at all career stages on 10 April 2018

This research field covers engineering solutions for rehabilitation and independent living incorporating replacement, restoration or enhancement of sensory, motor and/or cognitive functional capability for people with disabilities or chronic conditions. In this context, biomechanics is used to describe the use of methods that allow the study of forces and their effects on the musculoskeletal system under static and dynamic conditions.

The demographic shift to an increasingly older population will have an even greater impact on this area in the future making this research field a strategic priority for the UK. Future leaders in this field will be needed to draw on the wide range of disciplines that underpin this portfolio. Strong collaboration with neuroscientists, clinicians, industrial partners and users is also important for the development of well designed and robustly tested assistive technologies that will translate from the lab environment to the home market in an efficient manner.