22. Capital commitments

Energy efficiency

Over the next few decades making better use of energy resources will be just as important as finding alternative sources of supply.

New report reveals public’s views on synthetic biology

22-Jan-2014 -

Multimedia help

Help with EPSRC multimedia pages.

Centres for doctoral training

We have invested £13 million to fund three Centres for Doctoral Training in the mathematical sciences at the universities of Cambridge, Lancaster and Warwick.

Dr Adam Gibson, University College London

Overview of Dr Adam Gibson's Challenging Engineering award

Dr Tiziana Rossetto, University College London

Overview of Dr Rossetto's Challenging Engineering award.

EPSRC/ESRC/NERC joint statement on handling Land management applications

Support for Land management research is important to ESRC, NERC and EPSRC and we are committed to funding research of the highest international quality.

Behavioural research

Behaviour change, individual and group behaviour including elements of human geography, social psychology and organisational theory, and response to digital intervention.

July 2012

July 2012 past Hector resource allocations