Strategic Advisory Team

The Mathematical sciences Strategic Advisory Team is comprised of:

  • Dr Veronica Bowman - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  • Professor Kenneth Brown - University of Glasgow
  • Professor Alan Champneys - University of Bristol 
  • Mr Adrian Jonas - Cabinet Office
  • Professor Anne Juel - The University of Manchester
  • Professor Graham Andrew Niblo - University of Southampton
  • Professor Paul Linden - University of Cambridge
  • Professor Beatrice Pelloni - University of Reading
  • Professor Lasse Rempe-Gillen - University of Liverpool 
  • Professor Michael Singer - University College London
  • Professor Ian Strachan - University of Glasgow
  • Dr Almut Veraart - Imperial College London
  • Professor Konstantinos Zografos - Lancaster University

Strategic Advisory Team meeting summaries

Short summaries of Strategic Advisory Team meetings are available to download via the individual meeting pages. These can be found via the "Mathematical sciences SAT Meetings" link below.