Centres for doctoral training

We have invested £13 million to fund three Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) in the mathematical sciences at the universities of Cambridge, Lancaster and Warwick.

The new centres opened at the beginning of the 2010/2011 academic year and will each train at least 40 students over seven years. In addition to developing an original research project, each PhD student will receive a formal programme of taught coursework to broaden their skills and enhance their technical and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Each of the three new centres have a different focus:

University of Cambridge – Cambridge Centre for Analysis

  • Students will be trained in the full range of modern techniques of analysis for mathematical modelling.
  • Will create a distinctive team of young analysts who see the scope of their work as ranging from leading-edge theory to leading-edge applications.

Lancaster University – Statistics and Operational Research

  • Students will enter a vibrant research environment which will provide training at the interface of Statistics and Operational Research (OR).
  • The centre will have a very distinctive mission, benefiting from considerable input and investment from industry and the public sector.
  • The key aim of the centre is to produce a new generation of researchers in Statistics and OR capable of making a major impact.

University of Warwick – Mathematics and Statistics Centre for Doctoral Training (MASDOC): A CDT for the Mathematical Sciences

  • Training in the areas of applied mathematics, numerical analysis, probability and statistics and the interfaces between these areas.
  • Students will be prepared to develop mathematical and statistical frameworks for emerging applications which address the scientific and technological challenges that face us in the modern world.