Fellowships in the ICT theme

Fellowships are an important component of the Developing Leaders goal and research leaders, or those with the potential to become them, are encouraged to apply. This type of people support will be considered and awarded in line with the ICT theme’s strategy and wider EPSRC policy regarding its strategic goals.

EPSRC offers Post-doctoral Fellowships in limited areas and will not be considered by the ICT theme. Such awards have not been available through ICT recently and there is currently no rationale for altering this position. This will be kept under review. Sufficiently qualified and experienced post-doctoral researchers should be able to apply against the Early Career stage specification.

The ICT theme welcomes applications to the Early Career and Established Career stages. Applications which address any of the five cross-ICT priorities will be considered alignment to the 'Working Together' priority is shown as a minimum requirement. Fellowships are key EPSRC investments, and recipients should demonstrate a commitment to this priority which is beyond that expected from holders of other types of award. Any application that is not considered to fully meet both the requirements and the spirit of the “Working Together” priority will be rejected prior to postal peer review.

While alignment to the cross-ICT priorities (other than 'Working Together') is not necessary, potential candidates are strongly encouraged to consider priorities and the individual research areas when making their application. Candidates will need to demonstrate leadership to their own research area and provide evidence of how they will work with and influence other research areas, in a way that is appropriate to their career stage.

Candidates should refer to the EPSRC Fellowships Framework call for more information; annex 5 contains information specific to the ICT theme.