EPSRC/ESRC/NERC joint statement on handling Land management applications

Support for Land management research is important to Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and EPSRC and we are committed to funding research of the highest international quality. The Research Councils provide complementary support for Land management and we work to provide a joined up approach to investment through implementation of the Cross-Council Funding Agreement. To assist researchers in submitting transportation applications to the most appropriate Research Council we have provided the guidance below:

The ESRC encourage and supports a range of land management related research including economics, decision making processes, environmental planning and the rural economy. Proposals for the ESRC may include research to enhance the evidence base relevant to social and economic aspects of policy in food production and consumption. Research could include, but is not be limited to, interdisciplinary research on sustainable agriculture and environmental policies.

For the NERC, land management is highly relevant to a number of its strategic scientific themes. In the broadest sense, landscape management could encompass large-scale ecology, catchment and regional studies, interactions between ecology and land use patterns, land-atmosphere interactions, environmental survey, mapping and monitoring. As with all potential future proposals, NERC would encourage individuals to build on the substantial ongoing investment in landscape ecology, both at a programme level and through NERC’s network of research centres.

The EPSRC supports a broad base of Land management-related research across a number of themes including Engineering, Energy and Living with Environmental Change. For EPSRC to accept a proposal in Land management, projects should have a strong focus on quantitative rather than qualitative research addressing key challenges including whole systems approaches to future infrastructure, particularly related to interdependencies between infrastructure assets, sustainability and resilience.

EPSRC, ESRC and NERC will continue to manage their remit query services to advise applicants on which Council is most appropriate for this proposal: