The Engineering theme strategy is targeted at achieving our vision as a capability theme. In terms of this, we will:

  • Stimulate creativity and strengthen cross-disciplinary connectivity both across engineering and with the basic sciences
  • Reduce distributed effort across the engineering portfolio through greater alignment with those institutions and departments in the UK that are recognised for excellence in engineering research
  • Build future intellectual capital in core engineering capabilities, through a focus on both current and potential future leaders. To do this we will target support at different career stages and in areas where a specific capability requirement exists.
  • Grow or maintain strengths in those research areas where the UK leads internationally or has the potential to lead, and reduce investment in areas of low strategic importance to the UK.
  • Ensure co-location of upstream and downstream investments through better alignment of research portfolios between engineering research and societal challenges

The actions for shaping the future Engineering landscape are informed by strategic advice received (e.g. from the Engineering Strategic Advisory Team), a range of current and recent reviews and workshops, national priorities and the profile of existing EPSRC investments. These actions should be viewed in the context of active investment choices and refocused research effort across the whole of the engineering portfolio. Over the course of the Delivery Plan we will shape our investments with reference to this landscape, reflecting both excellence and national need in the decisions made.