March 2011

Panel members
Professor David EmersonDaresbury Laboratory
Dr Charles LaughtonUniversity of Nottingham
Mr Simon McIntosh-SmithUniversity of Bristol
Dr Phil RidleyNumerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Dr Richard SandbergUniversity of Southampton
Professor Mark SavillCranfield University
Principal investigatorProject titleInstitutionNo. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Xi JianSimulation of hydrogen-enriched fuel burning for clean combusionLancaster15,600,000
Ming LiFeasibility study of fine sediment transport over large-scale coastal estuary systemsLiverpool3,000,000
Gernot PlankStudying shock-induced arrhythmogenesis and defibrillation in a micro-antomically accurate biophysically detailed rabbit ventricular modelOxford2,700,000
Maarten van ReeuwijkShear driven tubulent entrainment across a density interfaceImperial College15,000,000
Paul TuckerAerodynamics of jets with internal and external geometryCambridge10,000,000
Total (successful) 3 projects21,300,000
Total (unsuccessful) 0 projects0
Success rate 100%100%
Lee MargettsProcedures for implementing optimal sparse linear solvers using multiple Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)ManchesterGeneral-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs) Test bed
Loise Steenman-ClarkExploration of programming issues for meteorological codes on GPUsReadingGPGPUs Test bed
Carmen DomeneStructure, assembly and mechanism of action of a biosurfactant using GPGPUsOxfordGPGPUs test bed