April 2012

Panel members
Professor David EmersonDaresbury Laboratory
Dr Simon CrampinUniversity of Bath
Dr Charles LaughtonUniversity of Nottingham
Dr M ProbertUniversity of York
Dr Phil RidleyNumerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Dr R RoemerUniversity of Warwick
Dr Richard SandbergUniversity of Southampton
Professor Mark SavillCranfield Unviersity
Principal investigatorProject titleInstitutionNo. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Peter JimackRapid alloy solidification: a quantSimulation of hydrogen-enriched fuel burning for clean combusionUniversity of Leeds4,730,000
Aimee MorgansFeedback flow control for reducing the aerodynamic drag of bluff bodiesImperial College London9,860,000
Hector LacovidesThermal mixing around in-line tube banksUniversity of Manchester2,002,000
William SellersAsynchronous genetic algorithms in High Performance Computing (HPC) gait simulationUniversity of Manchester13,200,000
Sergei DudarevCeramic composites for fusion powerUniversity of Oxford8,371,000
Jennifer WenLarge eddy simulation of wall quenching effect of turbulent flamesKingston University3,850,000
Zheng-Tong XieLarge-eddy simulations of flows around wind turbine blades in abnormal wind conditionsUniversity of Southampton7,740,000
Stewart CantInvestigations of turbulent premixed and stratified combusion using direct numerical simulation with detailed chemistryUniversity of Cambridge14,221,638
Total (successful) 8 projects63,974,638
Total (unsuccessful) 1 projects18,800,000
Success rate 88.9%78%
Giovanni MontanaEnabling high-performance statistical computing in R on hybrid graphics processing unit (GPU) and multicore architectureImperical College LondonGPU