Notice of Platform Grant Scheme closing

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Platform Grants were introduced fifteen years ago and over that period the funding landscape has changed, with many Principal Investigators now holding fewer grants and flexible funding for longer, larger grants available through other schemes.

As a result of this changing landscape, and following a review to harmonise and simplify our funding schemes, the decision has been made to end the Platform Grants scheme. The final deadline for outline proposals is 26 May 2017, with the last Platform Grant proposals to be funded in February 2018.

From 26 May 2017, applicants will be directed to other funding schemes such as Standard grants, Programme grants and Overseas Travel grants:

  • Standard Grants are very flexible, with the scale of projects supported ranging from small value, short term grants to multi-million pound research programmes. A wide variety of activities are supported including feasibility studies, instrument development, equipment to support a number of research projects, and so on.
  • Programme Grants are typically longer/larger grants which by their nature offer longer-term stability and already allow considerable flexibility in their operation.
  • Overseas Travel Grants and travel and Visiting Researchers on Standard Grants are mechanisms that can be utilised to support International Networking.

Applicants are encouraged, as always, to use the standards grant scheme to flexibly support the research they wish to undertake, which can include utilising some of the principles of the platform grants scheme within their proposals. They are also welcome to speak to a Portfolio Manager to seek advice on the most appropriate scheme to apply to.