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Sixteen HEIs and over 40 partners to be involved in seven new projects aiming to improve complex formulation processes used in manufacturing

Phase one of the Urban Living Partnership, a joint investment by the seven UK Research Councils and Innovate UK begins

We need trading technologies to turn data assets into growth, prosperity and jobs

The Knowledge Map visualisation tool allows users to explore amalgamated views of the individual research area classifications by EPSRC Theme, Industrial Strategy and those of the Eight Great Technologies which are most relevant to EPSRC.

EPSRC is seeking applications from industrialists, academics and individuals working in the third sector and government organisations to join Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs), across the range of EPSRC's Themes.

The Government has published a White Paper that includes proposals on the future of the Research Councils.

A collaboration between NASA and the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics is preparing a human-sized robot for missions to Mars.

A new £20 million centre that will allow experts to test the entire energy system in real time has been announced.

University of Birmingham researchers develop sensors that could save on road-gritting and help councils be ready for winter.

EPSRC's Delivery Plan is published in response to the government's allocation for research investment following the 2015 Spending Review.

Research Councils UK (RCUK) has today launched an action plan to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in research, recognising its leadership role in driving a change in culture.

Three projects aiming to further knowledge, understanding and innovation of the research challenges underlying the implementation of autonomous systems in UK Manufacturing have secured £6.2 million.

We are now reviewing our research area rationales to reflect how the research base has changed over the last five years. We are inviting input from the research base and wider stakeholders to help identify further evidence to support our own evidence, knowledge and analysis. (Update (14 April 2016): Guidance notes and forms updated - please visit this page for further details.)

Four projects that exploit light in innovative manufacturing processes and technologies have secured £2.7 million funding from the EPSRC.

Professor Tom Rodden has been appointed as the Deputy CEO of EPSRC, a new position created to work alongside CEO Professor Philip Nelson while he also acts as Chair of RCUK Strategic Executive.

An image of a gold chip that traps ions for use in quantum computing has come first in EPSRC's third science photography competition.

New computer model built on complex mathematics could make safer design of the 'fast ships' possible

From 01 September 2016, the EPSRC Physical Sciences Theme will be holding combined panel meetings for Standard, First and Fellowship applications.

The UK Research Councils today (18 March 2016) published the RCUK Strategic Priorities and Spending Plan 2016-20 on the RCUK website.

New research on blasts produced by IEDs and landmines will help improve safety for troops

A ground-breaking tracking system based on eye-safe lasers could enable aircraft and UAV's to transmit vital data to ground stations more securely, quickly and efficiently. 

The Research Councils have published a joint response to today's announcements of allocations from the research and innovation budget.

Forty universities share £167 million for doctoral training, £37 million for Quantum Technologies graduate skills, equipment and facilities

EPSRC grants £8.6 million to develop systems analysis for infrastructure planning and modelling of fluid dynamics at the nanoscale

New membrane wing design improves aerodynamic performance of MAVs.

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