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EPSRC contributed to the making of the Security Institute/ITN Productions ‘Creating a Security Culture’ programme which highlights EPSRC’s investments within the field of Cybersecurity, bringing together different disciplines across academia and facilitating collaboration between academia and industry. It promotes the value of EPSRC’s support in ensuring the UK has the underpinning research and skills in place to tackle the Cybersecurity issues that are critical to every industry and sector.

EPSRC contributed to the making of the IET/ITN Productions ‘Engineering the Next Generation’ programme which highlights the importance of EPSRC’s investments in research and skills in relation to the emerging Industrial Strategy. It shows EPSRC’s role in facilitating collaborations between academia and industry to stimulate the economy, drive growth and create jobs whilst also illustrating the critical role of early fundamental research in the innovation landscape.

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between The University of Manchester and BP

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between University of Sheffield and Siemens Gamesa

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between University of St Andrews and M Squared Lasers

A short video on the new Prosperity Partnership project between WMG at the University of Warwick and Jaguar Land Rover

De-mystifying the EPSRC peer review process - from submitting your application to receiving your grant

Find out how EPSRC supported research at Queen Mary University of London could provide more insight into how birds communicate with each other.

Interview with Professor Alastair Florence - Director, EPSRC Future Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) Hub

Interview with Professor Iain Todd - Director, Future Manufacturing Hub in Manufacture using Advanced Powders and Processes (MAPP).

Interview with Professor Jane Jiang - Director, EPSRC Future Advanced Metrology Hub

Interview with Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker - Director, EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub in Targeted Healthcare.

Interview with Professor Zhongyun Fan - Director, EPSRC Manufacturing Hub in Future Liquid Metal Engineering

We have committed to a balanced research portfolio of 60% community-driven research and 40% strategic intervention, by 2021. Find out how your research can make a difference...

How EPSRC gathered strategic advice and how the strategy is used in practice.

Why Balancing Capability is important for UK science and a theme perspective on the approach taken to renewing the research area strategies.

How research area strategies and trajectories were refreshed to take account of evolving circumstances during the last Delivery Plan.

On the worlds' stage for research, the UK punches well above its weight. EPSRC invests in world-leading research, discovery and innovation which benefit the UK economy and society as a whole.

The UK's first public trials of a self-driving car have attracted significant media interest this week.

EPSRC contributed to the making of the IET/ITN Productions' 'Engineering Around Us' programme which highlights the importance of work experience, as well as exploring the role of engineering in our everyday lives.

Professor Philip Nelson sets out the framework for the EPSRC Delivery Plan 2016/17 - 2019/20 around the four Outcomes of Productive, Connected, Resilient and Healthy.

Connected Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

Healthy Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

Productive Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

Resilient Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

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