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The UK's first public trials of a self-driving car have attracted significant media interest this week.

EPSRC contributed to the making of the IET/ITN Productions' 'Engineering Around Us' programme which highlights the importance of work experience, as well as exploring the role of engineering in our everyday lives.

Professor Philip Nelson sets out the framework for the EPSRC Delivery Plan 2016/17 - 2019/20 around the four Outcomes of Productive, Connected, Resilient and Healthy.

Connected Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

Healthy Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

Productive Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

Resilient Nation Outcomes and Ambitions.

EPSRC considers what may come next for the physical sciences and engineering.

Dr Steve Harris, Head of External Partnerships and Brokering at BAE Systems, talks about working with EPSRC.

Iain Foulkes, Executive Director, Strategy and Research Funding at Cancer Research UK, talks about working with EPSRC.

Paul Swift, Open Innovation Manager UK at Procter & Gamble, talks about working with EPSRC.

Neil Glover, Chief of Materials Research and Design at Rolls-Royce, talks about working with EPSRC.

Overview of EPSRC equipment funding and recent process changes

Discussion on peer review from the Research Offices workshop.

Overview of Responsible Innovation, Pathways to Impact and demonstration of the Healthcare Impact toolkit

Watch how EPSRC investment is changing the face of healthcare technologies and research in this film by ITN Productions and the Royal Society of Medicine, which highlights the critical importance of education and training for "Doctors of the Future".

16 interviews from the Manufacturing The Future Conference 2015

Advaith Siddharthan's research focuses on Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing. He is a Senior Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen and is particularly interested in the effective communication of information to diverse users.

James Goulding leads the neo-demographics data science programme at the EPSRC-led Horizon Digital Economy Hub at the University of Nottingham, researching in the field of machine learning with Big Data.

John Baird is Head of the Research Councils UK Digital Economy Theme at the EPSRC.

Jonathan Legh-Smith directs BT's Strategic Research programme and manages BT's collaborative research partnerships with industry and academia. The Strategic Research programme addresses the longer-term opportunities and technical challenges facing the BT Group.

Liam Blackwell is Head of the Information and Communications Technology Programme at the EPSRC.

Miranda Mowbray is a data scientist working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs, finding new ways of analysing data to detect attacks on computer networks. She completed her PhD research on Algebra, at London University and was awarded a fellowship of the British Computer Society in 2009.

Patrick Callinan specialises in leveraging data from databases, surveys and digital and social channels to generate product insights. Patrick is Lead Data Scientist at Channel 4, leading a team in work on recommendation engines, machine learning, and other “big data” projects.

Shini Somara is a factual-entertainment presenter for BBC One UK, having reported on pioneering technology and innovation for a variety of networks including BBC World News, BBC America, Sky and Discovery.

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