EPSRC supports a broad portfolio of research relevant to the automotive manufacturing sector – ranging from research to enable more efficient Internal Combustion Engines, robotics and software engineering to improve production efficiency and capabilities, to advances in fuel cells and electric vehicles. Priorities for future research include energy storage, electrical motors and drives, advanced materials, robotics, power electronics and intelligent mobility.

EPSRC’s current portfolio (as of 01 April 2014) of direct relevance to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (now the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy [BEIS]) Automotive Sector is £111 million, with an additional £56 million cash and in-kind support from collaborative partners.

The top five EPSRC Research areas (RA) of relevance (by value) are:

This sector portfolio forms part of the EPSRC Transport systems and vehicles sector portfolio that you can explore using the sector tab on Visualising our Portfolio (VoP).