EPSRC and the Industrial Strategy

two yellow industrial robots manufacturing cars in a factory assembly line

In 2013 the UK government launched a new Industrial Strategy. This new partnership between business and all parts of government has identified a range of opportunities to help create growth for the future, from developing new skills and securing critical investment to commercialising our scientific research and inventions.

They explore areas where government action can have a real and early impact across five themes:

  • Working with all sectors and developing strategic partnerships with those where we can have the most impact on growth
  • Supporting emerging technologies
  • Improving access to finance for businesses
  • Working with business to help develop skills they need
  • Developing supply chains and simplifying government procurement processes

Priority Sectors

A key part of the government's strategy has involved establishing strategic partnerships with key sectors that are vital the UK’s economic prosperity and where a public / private partnership can have the biggest impact. We provide over £1.65 billion for research and doctoral training that is directly relevant to the priority sectors identified in the Industrial Strategy. EPSRC develops the technologies, materials, advanced data management, statistical analyses and advanced instrumentation that enable cutting-edge breakthroughs across sectors including the health and life sciences.

It is therefore essential that where our investments provide these underpinning capabilities, we ensure excellent connectivity between the academic and industrial research communities. This ensures we can maximise the impact from these investments and allow our world class universities to provide the knowledge and skills needed to keep UK industry ahead of the global competition. The following pages provide some details about how our investments are supporting the sectors most germane to our work.