Strategic partnerships


A strategic partnership is a formal arrangement between EPSRC and one or more organisations (including companies, charities, representative bodies, other government departments) in which the various parties share information and strategy, work together to support each other's objectives, and jointly fund and support research, training and other activities in UK universities in strategically important gap areas.

Our key objectives from such partnerships are:

  1. Early sharing of mutual corporate strategies of relevance to EPS research and training, with a view to maximising strategic alignment where appropriate;
  2. Identifying opportunities to work together to maximise the impact from EPSRC investments through, for example, greater coherence across the public and industrial funding landscape or working to co-create research challenges with the academic base and cross company consortia;
  3. Working together to continue to strongly advocate for sustained investment in EPS research and training for the benefit of the UK economy and society.

We value Strategic Partnerships because they provide a key link between user needs and long-term research, and they provide a clear route to exploitation for the funded activities.

For some video interviews with EPSRC strategic partners, please see later on this page.

Current strategic partnerships

Video interviews with Strategic Partners

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