Other ways for business to engage with EPSRC

We value the differing perspectives that businesses can offer and recognises the value of engaging them in all our groups and teams.

Peer Review College

Our Peer Review College assists us by providing expert, independent, informed comments on research proposals submitted to us for consideration for funding. Its members also assist us by sitting on our peer review panels. Business involvement in the College is vital for a robust peer review process.

Strategic Advisory Teams

Strategic Advisory Teams and Groups help develop our strategy. It is essential that they contain business experts as well as academic experts.

Our Staff

Our portfolio managers have a science and engineering background that can help you navigate through the wealth of information available to assist you to select the most appropriate partners. They can also provide you with assistance in understanding our strategies and ways of working with academia and business.

Business Engagement Team

Our business engagement team are here to help you with business-related enquiries that do not relate to a specific portfolio or area of research. They can assist you in understanding our ways of working and strategy, and help you get more involved in EPSRC-funded academic research.

Business Engagement Forum

The Business Engagement Forum (BEF), was established to provide a regular base level of engagement to our key business stakeholders and other non-academic collaborators. Our aim is to develop a community of enterprise and non-enterprise partners that represent the whole of our remit and research landscape