Change from First Grants to New Investigator

When will the New Investigator Award scheme open?

25 July 2017

When will the First grant scheme close?

4pm on the 24 July 2017

I have been working on an application for a first grant. Will I still be able to use it?

Yes, we anticipate that the relaxation in rules will not fundamentally change the scope of the project type; these will still be awards for self-contained projects for early career academics. The New Investigator awards are designed to give added flexibility to allow new academics to ask for resources for their first project as a group leader, moving from a restricted cost model to a community-driven ‘fit to scheme’ model. There will be more freedom to ask for the resources necessary to complete the project and undertake development activities and we expect a greater degree of support from universities to accelerate the applicant’s career.  We anticipate that any projects currently planned would still fit the scheme, with similar levels of resources and fewer constraints.

I am currently writing an application for a first grant in Je-S. What will happen to that application?

First grant applications may be submitted as normal up to  4pm on the 24 July 2017 and will be treated exactly as previously through the peer review system. As part of the changeover, at 4pm on the 24 July 2017 all un-submitted First grant applications in Je-S will be deleted. We advise applicants to copy their application into a document prior to the closing of the scheme on the 24 July.

I have a first grant currently being processed/undergoing peer review / awaiting panel in the system. What will happen to my application?

All First Grants submitted before the 25 July 2017 will be processed and peer reviewed as normal. However if the First Grant has not be sent to reviewers it may be withdrawn and resubmitted to the New Investigator Award Scheme.

I am planning to submit a first grant application to Healthcare technologies / Manufacturing the future, for which there are batch dates at the end of July. What will happen to these deadlines?

In order to submit a first grant, you must submit before 4pm on 24 July 2017. The batching dates for First grants in these themes have therefore been altered to the 24 July.  Future batching dates for New Investigator Awards within these themes will be the same as those planned for First Grants.