Assessment criteria for Platform Grants

Please note: the Platform Grant scheme closed to new outline applications on the 26 May 2017.  This information is provided for the use of individuals who are applying for and assessing full proposals related to outlines submitted before 26 May 2017.

All Outline and full Platform Grant Proposals should meet the following criteria. In addition applications for renewal of an existing Platform Grant must report on the use and impact of the current platform, and demonstrate the groups continued need for this mode of funding.

Added value

The proposal must demonstrate the group’s need for a Platform Grant, such as retaining key people currently supported on short term contracts, and providing the group with opportunities not available through other routes for example, enabling groups the flexibility to explore new and exciting research directions.

Strategic development

The group must demonstrate that they are an existing and coherent team which would use the Platform Grant as an opportunity to take a longer term more strategic view of their research, and / or as a means of developing and strengthening the team.

National importance

The group must describe the extent to which, over the long term, their research:

  • Contributes to, or helps maintain the health of other research disciplines, contributes to addressing key UK societal challenges, contributes to current or future UK economic success and/or enables future development of key emerging industry(s)
  • Meets national strategic needs by establishing or maintaining a unique world leading research activity (including areas of niche capability)
  • Fits with and complements other UK research already funded in the area or related areas, including the relationship to the EPSRC portfolio and our stated strategy set out in Our Portfolio.”

The extent to which applicants are able to address each bullet point will depend on the nature of their research. Applicants should indicate how their research relates to EPSRC’s research areas and strategies (proposals may be relevant to more than one EPSRC research area) and complements EPSRC's current portfolio. Information on the portfolio is available through the EPSRC's Grants on the Web (GoW).

The definition of National Importance and further details can be found at preparing new proposals to include National Importance.

International standing

The proposal must demonstrate that the group has an internationally leading reputation, and has a high international profile in the relevant research area.

Team development

The proposal must demonstrate that the group will actively develop and promote the careers of it’s team members, both named investigators and research assistants. They should describe how this will be accomplished (for example through researcher mobility, training opportunities, and mentoring arrangements) to deliver the strategic vision and provide improved career opportunities for team members.


The proposal must demonstrate that the group has the ability to obtain significant funding from a variety of sources, and will continue to do so.


The proposal must demonstrate that the activities of the Platform Grant will be appropriately managed, and should describe the management arrangements for the group, including a projected plan of current and anticipated support to show how the Platform Grant would fit into the group's portfolio.


The applicants must identify who will benefit from the research, describe how they may benefit and what will be done to ensure that they have the opportunity to benefit. The definition of impact and further details can be found in economic impact – guidance for applicants.