Resubmission policy overview

EPSRC does not accept uninvited resubmissions of proposals, but where there is compelling evidence from Peer Review we will invite a small number to resubmit.

Policy Purpose

Only accepting invited resubmissions alleviates pressure on all involved in EPSRC’s Peer Review process. Over the past two decades the number of proposals received by Research Councils has doubled, putting huge pressure on the peer review system, including reviewers and panels.

What is a Resubmission?

Resubmissions are:

  • Proposals previously submitted to EPSRC through any funding scheme. Furthermore, if a proposal is unsuccessful in one funding stream, you cannot submit it in another
  • Outlines not invited to a full proposal stage, cannot be resubmitted as an Outline or full proposal to a different funding stream
  • Proposals or Outlines that have already been considered by another funding agency, unless invited or approved by EPSRC.


If you submit a proposal to another Research Council and, before Peer Review, it is judged out of their remit, you can submit your application to EPSRC if we are the most appropriate Council.

Changes Before Uninvited Resubmission

EPSRC expect proposals to be substantially changed before submitting the same research idea as a new proposal. If your amendments only address panel and reviewer comments or make only minor changes, your proposal will count as a resubmission. Similarly, swapping the principal and co-investigators without further alteration is judged as a resubmission.

EPSRC hope you reconsider your proposal if it is unsuccessful, and discuss it with colleagues and your organisation’s research office. An EPSRC Portfolio Manager can discuss general guidance on resubmissions, but cannot comment on specific proposals. By choosing the relevant theme for your research, you can find the relevant theme contacts.

Uninvited Resubmission Consequences

Resubmitted proposals are rejected, as this counts as an unsuccessful application in the Repeatedly Unsuccessful Applicants Policy. Portfolio Managers judge proposals, and if they believe it is a resubmission, they verify their decision by consulting another Portfolio Manager.


First, contact the EPSRC portfolio manager for your research area. If your disagreement remains unresolved, your query will be escalated to the EPSRC Theme Lead. If a problem still remains, ask your university pro-vice chancellor to contact EPSRC to discuss the matter.