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EPSRC Fellowships - a new approach

EPSRC's Strategic Plan committed us to providing greater support to the world-leading individuals who are delivering the highest quality research to meet UK and global priorities.

Who can apply

Applicants are expected to hold a PhD or have equivalent research experience; however, there are no eligibility rules based on years of post-doctoral experience or whether you hold (or do not hold) a permanent academic position.

On-going refresh of fellowship priority areas

From April 2013 a biannual process has been introduced with guidance in place to publicise the on-going refresh of thematic priority areas, aligned to fellowship start dates and the peer review process.

Areas in which fellowships are available

EPSRC's Capability and Challenge Themes have gone through an initial exercise of prioritising the areas in which fellowships will be offered. This will be an on-going process and will be updated on a regular basis throughout the Delivery Plan period.

Application and peer review process

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be processed on a rolling basis. Fellowship applications will be prioritised twice a year in approximately January/February and July, at our standard-grant panel meetings.

Assessment criteria

You may be assessed against any of these criteria at any stage but there will be more of an emphasis on the Research Quality at the prioritisation panel and the individual Candidate at the interview panel.

How to apply

There is no outline stage in the new Fellowship process. Applicants are required to submit a full proposal.


You should carefully consider what resource packages you request as part of your fellowship.

Review and continued support

EPSRC fellows holding a Postdoctoral award may, towards the end of their fellowship, apply for continued support through the Early Career award.

Obligations of the Host Organisation

It is expected that eligible Research Organisations who wish to submit fellowship applications to EPSRC will identify a number of suitable candidates as specified by the guidelines and within the defined research area and career space.

Fellowship policy

Please note you may only apply for one EPSRC fellowship in any 12 month period so please consider carefully when you choose to submit your application.

Engagement with EPSRC

As an EPSRC fellow you will be expected to engage with EPSRC throughout the duration of your fellowship and act as an advocate for science and engineering. We will be issuing a statement of our expectations of EPSRC funded fellows in due course.

Across all themes

Further guidance on the all theme areas identified for fellowships.

Digital Economy

Further guidance on the Digital Economy areas identified for fellowships.


Further guidance on the Engineering areas identified for fellowships.


Further guidance on the Energy areas identified for fellowships.

Healthcare Technologies

Further guidance on the Healthcare Technology areas identified for fellowships.

Information and Communication Technologies

Further guidance on the ICT areas identified for fellowships.

Living with Environmental Change

Further guidance on the Living with Environmental Change areas identified for fellowships.

Manufacturing the Future

Further guidance on the Manufacturing the Future areas identified for fellowships.

Physical Sciences

Further guidance on the Physical Sciences areas identified for fellowships.

Mathematical Sciences

Further guidance on the Mathematical Sciences areas identified for fellowships.

Quantum Technology

Quantum Technologies are considered to be those that harness quantum physics to gain a functionality or performance which is otherwise unattainable.

Managing your fellowship

Role of your research organisation, moving during the fellowship, applying for other EPSRC funding and interrupting your fellowship.

Other fellowship opportunities

Daphne Jackson fellowships, Royal Society industry fellowships, Toshiba fellowship programme, Royal Commission for Exhibition of 1851 fellowships.

Joint EPSRC and POST Postgraduate Initiative, Scottish Government internships for EPSRC funded PhD students

Briefing for Research Organisations

Further guidance for Research Organisations can be found in this briefing document, which is intended to supplement the information available on EPSRC Fellowships.