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Manufacturing the future

The vision for the Manufacturing the Future theme is for the research we sponsor to help solve some of the most serious challenges facing the UK today and in the future.

Manufacturing makes a major contribution to the UK economy but further investment is required, particularly in high-value and specialist manufacturing, underpinned by the research base.

The following table shows the relationship between Manufacturing the Future priority sub-themes and EPSRC research areas.

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Primary: primary
Secondary: primary

Research Areas Manufacturing informatics Frontier manufacturing Innovative production processes Sustainable industrial systems
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Artificial Intelligence Technologies primary
Bioenergy secondary
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering primary primary
Built Environment secondary
Carbon Capture and Storage secondary secondary
Catalysis primary secondary
CMOS Device Technology primary
Complex Fluids and Rheology primary
Complexity Science secondary
Control Engineering secondary primary
Displays secondary
Electrical Motors and Drives/Electromagnetics secondary
Energy Efficiency primary
Energy Networks secondary
Energy Storage secondary secondary
Engineering Approaches to manufacturing operations primary primary primary
Engineering Design primary secondary primary primary
Fuel Cell Technology primary
Graphene and Carbon Nanotechnology primary
Graphics and Visualisation primary
Human-Computer Interaction primary
Hydrogen and Alternative Energy Vectors secondary
ICT Network and Distributed Systems secondary
Image and Vision Computing primary
Information Systems primary
Light-Matter Interaction and Optical Phenomena secondary
Manufacturing Technologies secondary primary primary
Materials Engineering - Ceramics primary
Materials Engineering - Composites secondary primary primary
Materials Engineering - Metals and Alloys primary primary
Mathematical Aspects of Operational Research primary
Microelectronics Design secondary
Microsystems primary
Mobile Computing primary
Non CMOS Device Technologies secondary primary
Nuclear Fission secondary
Optical Devices and Subsystems primary
Optoelectronic Devices and Circuits primary
Particle Technology primary
Performance and Inspection of Mechanical Structures and Systems primary
Polymer Materials secondary
Process Systems Components and Integration secondary primary primary
Resource Efficiency primary
RF and Microwave Devices secondary
Robotics secondary primary
Sensors and Instrumentation primary primary
Software Engineering primary
Solar Technology secondary
Statistics and Applied Probabilities secondary
Structural Engineering secondary
Surface Science secondary
Synthetic Biology secondary
Synthetic Co-ordination Chemistry secondary
Synthetic Supramolecular Chemistry secondary
Vision, hearing and other senses primary

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EPSRC is pioneering a prosperous future for the UK by creating new industries and jobs through innovative manufacturing businesses.

Our approach

The Manufacturing the Future challenge theme was initiated in April 2011 and is still developing its strategy and taxonomy.


The UK enjoys world leadership in established manufacturing industries such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals and in emerging fields including electronics design and advanced manufacturing.

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