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Tender Information for HPC National Facility ARCHER


This tender is now closed.


In Autumn 2011, the Minister for Science announced a new £158m capital investment in e-infrastructure which included £43m for ARCHER, the next national HPC facility for academic research. The Research Councils are committed to investing in ARCHER by providing the running costs for the service.

The overall vision for ARCHER is to build on the existing investments in national HPC facilities so that the UK is a recognised leader on the international scene for computational science and engineering. In order to achieve this, UK researchers must be able to carry out internationally competitive research across the remit of EPSRC, NERC and BBSRC.

The benefits of the UK being world leading in computational science and engineering will be realised through:

  • The enhanced reputation of the UK in science and engineering as a whole.
  • The increased ability of UK researchers to make valuable contributions to the solution of real, current Grand Challenge problems.
  • Increased attractiveness of UK researchers as partners in high profile international collaborations and improved access to large HPC resources in other countries.

EPSRC, as managing agent for the national HPC facility on behalf of the other Research Councils, is looking to tender the hardware aspect for the facility and the documentation for this tender is set out below.

Tender Information

You may download tender documents from here.

Additional documents will be published during pre-procurement market activity and during the course of the procurement. Email alerts advising of any changes will be provided to those that have expressed an interest.

Note: Changes to any documents are displayed within it.

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) provision (Now closed)

Service provision (now closed)

Hardware provision (now closed)

  • Invitation Letter (PDF 59KB)
    This document invites suppliers to consider submitting a bid to this tender exercise.
  • Annex 1: Instruction to Bidders (PDF 115KB)
    This document sets out the timetable and provides details on the procurement.
  • Annex 2: Supplier Questionnaire (Word 222KB)
    This document sets out the minimum selection criteria which suppliers must meet in order to submit a bid to this tendering process and will require completion and return as part of the tender package.
  • Annex 3: Statement of Requirements Notes (PDF 71KB)
    This documents provides information on the evaluation process, suggested system configuration, benchmarking and additional requirements.
  • Annex 4: Statement of Requirements (Excel 52KB)
    This document sets out the mandatory requirements and desirable features of the hardware solution including the weighting values for each desirable feature. Bidders should use this document to provide their responses to each of the requirements and features.
  • Annex 5: Template for Submissions (PDF 77KB)
    This document provides a format for the tender submission and suppliers are strongly encouraged to use this for their responses.
  • Annex 6: Benchmarking
    These documents provide detailed information regarding the benchmarking exercise: STFC's Scientific Computing Department can provide limited access to the developers of the CASTEP and DL_POLY to assist vendors with understanding code and data structures, if required, for purposes of the benchmarking exercise. Vendors should discuss requirements with the departmental director Dr Adrian Wander in the first instance.
  • Annex 7: ACF Infrastructure Specifications (PDF 124KB)
    This document provides specification details for the housing of the hardware at the Advanced Computing Facility at Edinburgh and for the Research Data Facility to which the ARCHER hardware must be able to connect.
  • Annex 8: Terms and Conditions (Zip 865KB)
    This zip file consists of the following documentation:
    • Draft agreement
    • Schedule 2.1 Requirements
    • Schedule 2.2 Service levels
    • Schedule 2.3 Standards
    • Schedule 2.5 Security
    • Schedule 2.6 Insurance requirements
    • Schedule 3 Authority responsibilities
    • Schedule 4.1 Contractor solution
    • Schedule 4.2 Commercially sensitive information
    • Schedule 4.3 Notified Sub contractors
    • Schedule 5.1 Software
    • Schedule 5.2 Licence terms
    • Schedule 5.3 Escrow terms
    • Schedule 6.1 Implementation plan
    • Schedule 6.2 Testing procedures
    • Schedule 7.1 Charges and invoicing
    • Schedule 7.2 Payment on termination
    • Schedule 8.2 Change control procedure
    • Schedule 8.3 Dispute resolution procedure
    • Schedule 8.4 Records provision
    • Schedule 8.5 Exit management
    • Schedule 8.6 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Schedule 9.1 Staff transfers
    • Schedule 9.2 Key personnel
    • Schedule 10 Agreement schedules
  • Annex 9: Price Schedule (Zip 38KB)
    Please note: this ZIP file contains an Excel 2007 (XLSX)-format spreadsheet.
  • Annex 10: Selection and Award Assessment Process (PDF 91KB)
  • Questions and Answers (PDF 300KB)


Edward Clarke