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Council Members’ remuneration

The Chairperson and the Council Members are appointed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) on behalf of the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. The contract terms vary between individual members, but the terms and conditions of appointment are standard. EPSRC provides each member of Council with a Code of Practice which sets out a framework in which they are expected to operate.

Council members receive an honorarium in recognition of their service to EPSRC, together with a refund of their reasonable expenses. Council members are not employees of EPSRC and the appointments are not pensionable. Members of Council who are civil servants are not entitled to receive an honorarium.


2009-10 £ 2008-09 £
Mr J Armitt CBE, FREng (Chairperson) 16,305 16,165
Professor A Anderson OBE 6,795 6,655
Mr M Carr FREng 6,795 6,655
Professor B Collins FREng
from 11 November 2009
- -
Professor L F Gladden CBE, FRS, FREng 9,040 8,860
Mr D Hendon CBE, FREng
to 31 October 2009
- -
Dr A Herbert OBE, FREng 6,795 6,655
Dame Sue Ion OBE, FREng 6,795 6,655
Professor T Pedley FRS 6,233 -
Dr M Roberts 6,795 6,655
Mr D Rutherford
to 31 March 2009
- 6,655
Professor J R Sambles FRS 6,795 6,655
Professor C M Snowden FRS, FREng 7,733 8,965
Professor Sir Martin J Taylor FRS
to 31 March 2009
- 6,735
Professor P-L Viollet 6,233 -
Dr D Watson 8,123 -
Professor W Wakeham FREng 9,040 8,860
Professor M Welland FRS, FREng - -
Professor Lord Robert Winston 9,040 8,860

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Professor David Delpy Accounting Officer
25th November 2010