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Stopping support for new project studentships on research grants: implementation plan

Issue date:
06 January 2011
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The EPSRC Delivery Plan 2011-2015 was published on the 20 December with an ambition to be more active in partnering with the research community to generate the fundamental knowledge and develop the skilled people essential to business, other research organisations and Government.

Support for studentships remains a high priority for EPSRC and we are committed to honouring all training support for existing PhD students.

However, one important strategic decision we have made is to stop supporting project studentships on research grants. We remain committed to training students in cohorts, through Centres for Doctoral Training, and within the flexibility provided to universities through doctoral training grants. We intend also to increase the proportion of our PhD students trained in areas of strategic importance – such as manufacturing and energy, for example – and also to target our Industrial CASE support more strategically. Our decision to stop awarding project studentships has been taken to afford some protection to these other priority routes for supporting studentships.

We strongly recognise the importance to the UK of being able to attract some of the best international students to work with leading researchers in the UK and we are currently looking at options for allowing up to a 10% recruitment of international students via our other studentship funding routes.

In implementing this decision:

  • No research proposals will be accepted with project students on them after the 31 January 2011.
  • Project student requests on research grants submitted prior to that date and already in the various stages of peer review will be honoured if they are successful through peer review.
  • Project student requests in response to all calls for full proposals that were open on the 20 December will also be honoured if successful through peer review.

EPSRC open calls for research grants potentially eligible for project studentships

Title Type Open date Close date
Bridging the Urban and Rural Divide Standard 02/11/2010 11/01/2011
Crossing the Chasm: Networks to promote UK E-Infrastructures Network 11/12/2010 11/01/2011
Strategic UK-Japan Co-operative Programme on Oxide Electronics, Organic Electronics and Spintronics Standard 16/11/2010 11/01/2011
NSF/EPSRC Chemistry Proposals 2010 Standard 26/11/2010 18/01/2011
Career Acceleration Fellowships 2011 Fellowship 22/11/2010 27/01/2011
Leadership Fellowships 2011 Fellowship 22/11/2010 03/02/2011
Ground & Structural Engineering Research Challenge Networks Network 08/11/2010 10/02/2011