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Review of the Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Interface within the UK (2010/11)

Issue date:
11 August 2011
Physical sciences

In the recent past, EPSRC has undertaken a variety of activities aimed at facilitating and fostering closer interaction at the interface between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. These activities took a variety of forms and included cross-disciplinary networking workshops, discipline hopping awards, and a range of directed research funding opportunities. Over the last year EPSRC has been working with a small panel of UK experts to conduct a Review of the Chemistry/Chemical Engineering interface within the UK, which:

  • reviewed the impact of these activities on building closer links between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering on the individual and the wider community;
  • identified highlights and achievements resulting from these activities;
  • gathered perceptions on the current level collaborative working at the Chemistry/Chemical Engineering interface and identify current barriers to closer integration; and
  • identified emerging opportunities and ways to build on successes.

The full report of the review panel's findings (PDF 1.1MB) is now available.


Talit Ghaffar