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EPSRC is investing £4.5 million to safeguard the UK's water, energy and food security.

Cancer Research UK has partnered with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), to co-fund multidisciplinary research projects.

EPSRC new ‘Fellows Gallery’ showcases its fellows and the many exciting research avenues they are exploring.

Firefighters moving through smoke-filled buildings could save vital seconds and find it easier to identify objects and obstacles, thanks to revolutionary robot reins.

National Quantum Strategy outlines the future of quantum technologies and billion-pound opportunity for the UK economy.

Key role for EPSRC to play in helping to deliver the five strands of the strategy

More than £70 million is being injected into science research projects to tackle challenges including airport capacity and our ability to search vast volumes of visual data.

Hub for cybersecurity research and innovation for Smart Cities and Internet of Things to help deliver a resilient and connected nation.

Significant investments in science and engineering demonstrate recognition of the value of long-term investment in research

The blog will provide debate and opinion pieces from leading thinkers

An image of a diamond-coated forest of carbon nanotubes has won the overall prize in EPSRC’s 2014 science photography competition

Over the last year, EPSRC's Healthcare Technologies Theme has engaged with the UK's research and user communities to develop a new long-term strategy.

EPSRC's conference says UK needs to increase investment in science and engineering research if it is to continue to be a successful nation.

EPSRC/RAEng report shows sustained support for engineering research needed for further economic returns

The Board of the Alan Turing Institute is seeking to appoint a Chair.

Three innovative healthcare research projects are set to transform lives.

£3.7 million Nion Hermes Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope, one of three in the world, launched at SuperSTEM facility

Action plans in 16 of EPSRC’s 113 Research Areas are now being implemented following a detailed assessment of our portfolio.

A report has been published detailing the achievements of the now closed High-End Computing Terascale Resource (HECToR).

Business Secretary Vince Cable today unveiled the winners of a multi-million-pound competition to bring innovative UK biotechnology projects to market.

Unravelling the colour of diamonds

O’Neill review’s report calls for greater support for researchers to solve the problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Researchers at Leeds and York have cracked a code that governs infections by a major group of viruses including colds and polio.

The latest edition of Pioneer, EPSRC's flagship magazine, is now available.

£32 million for Synthetic Biology Research Centres at Edinburgh, Manchester and Warwick, and £8 million to build DNA synthesis research.

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