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First grant scheme


The first grant scheme is to help new academics apply for research funding at the start of their careers.


Capped at £125,000 (calculated at 100 per cent full economic costs - with EPSRC contributing at 80 per cent fEC) and a maximum duration of 2 years.  No closing dates

The First Grants scheme is one of the mechanisms that provide support for new academics at the start of their careers. If you want to submit a proposal for a project which needs resources above these limits, you are can submit the proposal via our standard responsive mode mechanism.

If you are taking up a professorship or other senior academic position at a UK university and have already established significant research credentials in industry or outside the UK, the first grant scheme is not appropriate for you.

You can only apply for a first grant once, whether your proposal is successful or not. Proposals are considered in competition with other first grant proposals at responsive mode prioritisation panels.

When applying through the Je-S system please ensure that you apply under the scheme title “First Grant – Revised 2009”.

Applicants are permitted to include the effort of DTA students on First Grants in some cases. Please see the FAQ section for further information.


Specific eligibility criteria for the first grant scheme.

How to apply

Getting started, EPSRC funding guide, Je-S system, preparing a proposal, co-investigators and how proposals are assessed.

Host organisation statement

Guidance on what to include in the statement of support we require from the host organisation.


Answers to frequently asked questions about eligibility, applying and how proposals are assessed.


Contact details for the first grant programme managers.