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Budget and finances

Most of our funding comes from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). In 2009/10 we invested over £800 million in research and training in engineering and the physical sciences.

We supported over 7,300 researchers through 5,847 grants and funded a population of over 10,000 PhD students as part of our commitment to long-term investment in discovery and challenge-led research.

Our spending in 2008/09

In 2008/09 we received £785 million from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS), a rise from the £739 million in 2007/08. We also received income from other Research Councils, Government departments and other bodies. Our total Funding received for 2008/09 was £815 million.

Funding received 2008/09 £m
DIUS (grant aid) 784.87
Other Research Councils 15.45
Government departments, executive agencies and EU 7.45
Other bodies 7.26
Total 815.03

Our overall spending rose from £751.9 million in 2007/08 to £792.5 million. We increased our spending on research grants from £485.8 million to £507.3 million, and on postgraduate training and fellowship awards from £210.4 million to £228.4 million.

We spent 66.9% of our budget on research expenditure, 28.7% on postgraduate training and fellowships and 4.3% on administration and restructuring.

Gross expenditure on research, training and our administration

Type of activity £m
Research 549.53
Energy Technologies Institute LLP 6.09
Public Engagement Programme 7.00
UK Research Facilities 12.92
International Subscriptions 0.78
Postgraduate awards 203.82
Research Fellowships 56.67
Staff Costs 13.65
Other Expenditure 15.12
Share of Losses of Joint Ventures 0.5
Total 866.11

Research grant spending by programme 2008/09

Programme £m
Nanoscience 2.8
Next Generation Healthcare 3.7
Digital Economy 4.0
Energy Multidisciplinary Applications 1.0
Energy Research Capacity 63.9
Knowledge Transfer 13.5
Infrastructure and International 49.4
Mathematical Sciences and Public Engagement 15.7
Cross Disciplinary Research 49.3
Materials Mechanical and Medical Engineering 73.6
Information and Communication Technology 84.1
Physical Sciences 97.8
Process Environment and Sustainability 28.2
User Led Knowledge and Skills 20.3
Total 507.3

Fellowships funded in 2009 by discipline

Discipline Number of fellowships (in all EPSRC schemes)
Chemical Engineering 9
Chemistry 62
Civil Engineering 4
Computer Science 45
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 15
General Engineering 14
Life Sciences 6
Mathematics 83
Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering 14
Medicine 9
Metallurgy & Materials 6
Other 7
Physics 78
Unknown 9
Total 361


We spent 4.3% on our administration in 2008/09, this included £1.7 million costs for the development of the Research Councils Shared Service Centre (SSC). The SSC will provide finance, grants, human resources, information systems, procurement and payroll operational services to each of the Councils and their institutes.

During the year we employed the equivalent of 367 full time members staff including contract and agency workers.

Financial information

The Government has a clear commitment to greater transparency of public information and are committed to publishing data on all government organisation structures, and senior civil servants, including NDPB officials.

You will find useful financial information available in the transparency section. This is also published as a subset of the BIS data published on data.gov.uk.